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THE EVIL WITHIN: Book One in the Witches of Blackstone Series

THE EVIL WITHIN: Book One in the Witches of Blackstone Series
By Karen Kasey
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The Evil Within: Book One in the Witches of Blackstone Series

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read!

This new to me author nailed it.
PNR creatures, check
bad guys, check
mystery, check
captivating story that kept me on the edge of my seat, check
horror and goosebumps, check.


Review #2
5.0 out of 5 stars 

An Amazingly Wonderful Read with lots of twists and vampires, witches, demons, werewolves..

Sixth grader Matt is having problems with a couple of bullies at school. Matt can’t possibly hope to stand up against two boys at the same time and hope to come out on top. The rumor around the school is that the principle will not punish the boys even if Matt told. You see the problem with the bullies and the principle is that he is their father.

Matt’s sister Tasia whose is in the eighth grade tries to look out for Matt and keep him safe Tasia and Matt have been close since the day he was born. Tasia has the bullies spooked of her because she is a witch. Well that one doesn’t last too long as Tasia’s powers have not revealed themselves as of yet.

Tasia has been sick for a while and has been out of school for a few weeks so the bullies take advantage of the fact that Tasia is not there to stop them from hurting Matt. The bullies throw Matt inside the house next door which is said to be haunted. When Tasia and her best friends Riana, a vampire-witch hybrid, and Courtney, a witch and vampire hunter comes to Matt’s rescue but in the process release a demon from the house into the town of Blackstone.

Tasia, Matt, Riana and Courtney must find this demon and stop it before it can cause havoc among the town’s people and before the bodies start to pile up. If the demon is not stopped then hundreds, thousands could be killed. But first they must find the demon.

I thought it was real cool how well Tasia, Matt, Riana and Courtney’s parents took the fact that a demon had been released. I just thought was cool that they believed them but they are witches and vampires and vampire hunters. I also liked how all the kids stepped up and fought for each other no questions asked and without a thought for themselves. They all thought more about the other person than they did themselves.

The Evil Within had my attention from the first page as it started out with action. I loved how it tied in all the paranormal creatures how they all blended so well in the story. It had so many twists, twists that I never saw coming. There were little twists and big twists. There was this one awesome big twist there close to the end that caught me by surprise a twist that I would love to see develop more in future stories. The world building for The Evil Within was just amazingly wonderful. I would love to read more stories in this world and with these amazing characters.

If you are into witches, vampires, werewolves, and demons then you are going to love The Evil Within.